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Enter input data below and hit the RUN button to launch the computation.



This interface was automatically generated by AlgoRun. AlgoRun aims at providing computational scientists with an easy way to use and publish their algorithms.

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This algorithm can be run via the web interface above or via the following web API

HTTP POST /v1/run



HTTP POST /v1/config




To download and run this algorithm on your PC, you need to have Docker installed. Then, just run the following command:

The algorithm can now be used locally from your computer :


Use keyboard shortcuts:

Alt + i
Edit the input data
Alt + p
Open parameters configuration tab
Alt + 1
Edit the first parameter
Alt + Enter
Run the computation
Alt + d
Reset parameters default configuration
Alt + N
Edit the nth parameter
Alt + r
Reset the computation
Alt + u
Upload input data from disk
Alt + Shift + N
Edit the nth parameter after 9
Alt + e
Fill form with example
Alt + w
Download computation result to disk
Tab and Shift + Tab
Navigate among parameters

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